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If your teeth and gums are changing in their appearance, you may be suffering from gum disease. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is the process in which the gum tissue within your mouth becomes infected. This can lead to serious oral health ailments including tooth loss. Listed below are tips for spotting and treating gum disease.

– Look for sensitive gums that appear irregular and injured, including signs of swelling, bleeding, tenderness, and inflammation.

– Inspect your smile to look for signs of bad breath that continually returns or fails to go away at all.

– Evade products that continually damage your mouth and expose you to a higher risk of gum disease, including smoking and chewing tobacco.

– Look for symptoms and signs that bleeding occurs recurrently, including when eating meals or cleaning your teeth.

– Check to see if any medications you are taking list dry mouth as a side effect, which is a precursor to gum disease.

– Look for signs that your gums may be declining away from your teeth, as gum disease often makes your teeth look longer than normal, and may even be exposing a tooth’s roots.

– Inspect your smile to look for any visible anomalies including loose or wobbly teeth.

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