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Are you aware of the risks associated with dry mouth? Dry mouth is a condition in which your body is not producing enough saliva. If not enough saliva is present, various other oral health risks including gum disease and tooth decay can begin to develop. To help combat dry mouth, make sure your mouth is producing enough saliva to keep your teeth and gums free of debris and bacteria. One highly effective option to combat low saliva is chewing gum.

Did you know that by chewing sugarless gum after meals you can help produce additional saliva? The benefits of chewing gum are that it can produce enough saliva to keep your gums and teeth safe against several different oral health risks. Once there is an abundance of saliva in your mouth, acids will be neutralized, and you will have an additional tool at your disposal for your oral health care. Furthermore, saliva can help prevent heartburn from arising. Heartburn occurs when dangerous stomach acids travel up into your mouth and begin to eat through your teeth and gums. Fortunately, saliva has been shown to help neutralize the effects of these acids and prevent further heartburn risks from damaging your smile.

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