How to Keep Your Smile in Top-Notch Condition During Lacrosse Season

Are you a lacrosse player preparing for the upcoming season? If so, good for you! You’re likely working on getting better, faster and stronger. Our dentist, Dr. Sonney L Chong, also encourages you to work on ways you can help your smile this season. Unfortunately, there are things that can... Read more »

Got Questions About Dental Bridges? Here Are Your Answers

If you have questions about dental bridges and the ways they can benefit you, your smile and your oral health, then our dentist, Dr. Chong, is here to help you. The more you know, the better. So, he is happy to give you the answers you’re looking for by providing... Read more »

Shed Some Light on Gum Disease Treatments

A common but severe oral infection that often takes place in individuals is known as gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease may progress over a period of many years before individuals understand that they are suffering from it. This is because it is often hard to detect if you are not... Read more »

Do You Have a Toothache? Here Are Some Reasons Why

If you have a toothache, you’re likely trying to eliminate it. Toothaches come with extreme pain and inconvenience, and in order to treat it, you need to know what is causing it. So, our dentist, Dr. Sonney L Chong, will be happy to help you by listing some of the... Read more »

These Three Dental Tools Are Necessary For a Healthy Smile

The holiday season brings bundles of cookies, candy, chocolate treats, and delicious dinners. Amid all the snacking, it’s important to take time to care for your teeth and gums with effective dental hygiene. To help you care for your smile, we have provided information on three essential dental tools that... Read more »

What Causes Cavities, and How To Stop Them

In order to prevent getting a cavity, it is important to understand what they are, how they form, and the steps you can take to stop them from happening. Tooth enamel is the hard outer layer of your tooth, and it protects an inner pulp of your tooth (this is... Read more »

Taking Care of Your Teeth On-The-Go

It is a busy time of the year. Even if you aren’t traveling to see family or friends, everyone’s schedule gets a little busier. You should remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day at a minimum. But if... Read more »

Addressing Terminal Dentition with a Complete Denture

Chronic problems with periodontal disease and untreated tooth decay can result in the gradual loss of multiple teeth. In some of these cases, even the remaining teeth have compromised roots and badly affected the oral structure. In a case of terminal dentition such as this, a dentist like Dr. Sonney... Read more »

A Large Area of Tooth Decay May Need a Dental Crown

Tooth decay often starts as a compromised area of tooth enamel afflicted by the frequent presence of bacteria in your mouth. With an early diagnosis, this small cavity might be repairable with a standard composite-resin filling. The longer you delay in seeking treatment, however, the more the tooth decay will... Read more »

What Composite Fillings Can Do for Your Smile

If you have a cavity, Dr. Sonney L Chong may recommend a dental filling in Sacramento, California, to restore the health of your tooth. Our dentist will remove the decayed portion of tooth and fill the area with the dental filling material. At our dental office, we utilize composite dental... Read more »