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Rather than letting your smile run its course if you should ever lose any it is important to seek out reliable replacements as soon as possible. A failure to replace a missing tooth can lead to further oral health problems and can impair the look and function of your overall smile. One effective tool that can be used to replace missing teeth is through the application of a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are highly effective in tooth restoration treatments that are designed to replace missing teeth with a reliable prosthetic that is anchored to other nearby adjacent healthy teeth. Once dental bridges are in place, they can remain in place for decades of support. Not only can they restore a sunken in dental profile, but dental bridges can help restore bite stability and issues and hindrances associated with lost teeth, including improvements in your eating and speaking skills. In addition, if you have any issues with the oral hygiene due to plaque buildup in voids left behind by missing filling in the gaps with reliable prosthetics such as dental bridges can improve your oral hygiene and make keeping your mouth clean easier.

The time is now to upgrade your smile with dental bridges from Dr. Sonney L Chong and our team at our dental office in Sacramento, California. Sonney Chong DMD wants to ensure your teeth remain clean for a lifetime to come, so call us at 916-421-3057 to book an appointment.