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Chronic problems with periodontal disease and untreated tooth decay can result in the gradual loss of multiple teeth. In some of these cases, even the remaining teeth have compromised roots and badly affected the oral structure.

In a case of terminal dentition such as this, a dentist like Dr. Sonney L Chong and the staff at Sonney Chong DMD might recommend extracting your existing teeth as the first step in the process of providing you with a complete denture.

This removable dental appliance will be designed in a state of the art dental lab to closely mimic the shape and appearance of your natural teeth. The firm pink medium that serves as the base will closely match the shape and contours of your remaining gum structure. This will allow for a tight, yet comfortable fit when the denture is installed in your mouth.

You might like to also use a little denture adhesive when installing the unit each morning. This can help lock the denture in place. It also reduces the chances of food particles infiltrating the base and irritating your gums.

Dr. Sonney L Chong and his staff will help you understand the basic care and cleaning requirements necessary for maintaining your denture. This typically includes rinsing away all traces of denture adhesive whenever you take it out, as well as gently brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish each night.

If you live in the Sacramento, California, area and you have significantly compromised teeth you should call 916-421-3057 to set up a denture consultation at Sonney Chong DMD.